Bass Tracker II Fishing Boat Upgrades

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I obtained a Bass Tracker II watercraft concerning 2 years back, and I simulate my watercraft. The watercraft price $2500; it happened geared up along with a 35 HP Mercury, a powerful beginning, a console shoe regulated trolling electric motor and one deepness discoverer. It is actually incredibly lightweight creating it very easy to transport and also to handle on and off the trailer. Right now after a pair of years, and this being my 1st sport fishing watercraft, I began appearing at buying one more watercraft. Why devote upwards of $9000 for various watercraft when I might improve my existing tracker.

Bass Tracker II Fishing Boat Upgrades

I performed outlet around and searched at various other sport fishing watercraft; I discovered some great bass watercraft, yet I additionally discovered watercraft that required lots of jobs. The base collection is actually that I performed certainly not locate precisely what I was actually searching for; the broader watercrafts regularly possessed much more HP, and also I am actually fulfilled along with the 35 HP electric motor I possess. My initial target was actually to generate even more storage space; the spine of my watercraft possessed a swivel chair, pair of electric batteries and a fuel container on the flooring which indicates the individual sportfishing at the spine of the watercraft possessed to mess up around all this watercraft equipment. Check here for more details

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My very first upgrade was actually to increase the rear flooring of the watercraft to the exact same amount as the face. I discovered that a plastic pallet suits my demands for water verification floor covering wonderfully and included this to the spine of the watercraft. These products I take into consideration compulsory upgrades to enhance my potential to discover fish and regulate the watercraft on a gusty time and final tires, to cover no concerns on taking a trip to our favored angling locations. An electric battery change was actually set up providing me the possibility to pick which trolling electric battery to make use of directly coming from my console.