England: Bedfordshire

Capital City: Luton
Population: 614 800
Languages: English

Hereford Breeders: 5

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Breeders in Bedfordshire

J Speirs Farms Ltd

J Speirs Farms Ltd Herd Prefix: Pepperstock Membership No. 7580 Dept. Herd Mark: UK244821 Membership Type: Youth Year Joined: 2006 Address: Pepsal End Farm Pepperstock Luton Beds Postcode: LU1 4LH Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01582450962

J Whybrow

J Whybrow Herd Prefix: Cardington Membership No. 6804 Dept. Herd Mark: UK242776 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2004 Address: 296 Southill Road Cardington Bedford Postcode: MK44 3SZ Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01234 838193 Email: sharonwhybrow@btinternet.com

M Brown

M Brown Herd Prefix: Happy, Happy, Happy Membership No. 7319 Dept. Herd Mark: UK288863 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2008 Address: 2 Cedar Cottages Newton Blossomville Bedford Postcode: MK43 8AR Region: East Midlands

PC Compton

PC Compton Membership No. 5704 Membership Type: Life Year Joined: 1980 Address: Hall Farm Perton Hall Bedford Beds Postcode: MK44 2AV Region: East Midlands Telephone: 048 084 236

R & M Bates

R & M Bates Herd Prefix: Battlebrook Membership No. 7106 Dept. Herd Mark: UK243713 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2006 Address: Brook House Grange Farm Wrestlingworth Sandy Bedfordshire Postcode: SG19 2HE Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01767 631639 Email: mab69@admin.cam.ac.uk

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