England: Oxfordshire

Capital City: Oxford
Population: 648 700
Languages: English

Hereford Breeders: 13

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Breeders in Oxfordshire

A Blakey

A Blakey Herd Prefix: Idlecombe, Idlecombe Membership No. 7653 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2011 Address: Idlecombe Farm Turville Henley-on-Thames Oxon Postcode: RG9 6QU Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01491638700

A Bowditch

A Bowditch Membership No. 2412 Membership Type: Life Year Joined: 1963 Address: Bishops Court Dorchester on Thames Oxford Postcode: OX9 8HP Region: East Midlands

CB Burgess

CB Burgess Herd Prefix: Burg Membership No. 6851 Herd Letters: XBU1 Dept. Herd Mark: UK286285 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2004 Address: Greenacre Great Mead East Hagbourne Didcot Oxfordshire Postcode: OX11 9LB Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01235 814317

EH Hutt

EH Hutt Herd Prefix: Dornvalley Membership No. 421 Herd Letters: EDH Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 1951 Address: Bandari Enstone Road Little Tew Chipping Norton Oxon Postcode: OX7 4JB Region: East Midlands

EL Townsend & Son

EL Townsend & Son Herd Prefix: Madeira Membership No. 2864 Herd Letters: 1YYX Dept. Herd Mark: UK283515 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 1965 Address: Orchard Farm Watling Lane Dorchester-on-Thames Oxford Postcode: OX9 8JH Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01491 836860 01491 836793 (FAX) Email: eltownsendandson@btinternet.com

LH Pearce

LH Pearce Herd Prefix: Ermine, Ermine Membership No. 7568 Dept. Herd Mark: UK229246 Membership Type: Youth Year Joined: 2010 Address: Home Farm Arrington Royston Herts Postcode: SG8 0AX Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01223207313

M Ludgate

M Ludgate Herd Prefix: Rempstone, Rempstone Membership No. 7166 Dept. Herd Mark: UK287953 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2006 Address: Scotsgrove Farm Scotsgrove Thame Oxfordshire Postcode: OX9 3RX Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01844 214875 Email: michael@tw-ludgate.co.uk Performance Recorder ? : Yes

M Trinder

M Trinder Herd Prefix: Islip Membership No. 7640 Membership Type: Youth Year Joined: 2011 Address: Manor Farm North Street Islip Kidlington Oxford Postcode: OX5 2SQ Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01865372110

P. Decker

P. Decker Herd Prefix: Hughenden, Skirmett Membership No. 3639 Herd Letters: FSB, X1RC Membership Type: Life Year Joined: 1969 Address: Stud Farm Skirmett Henly-on-Thames Oxon Postcode: RG9 6TD Region: East Midlands Telephone: 049 163 460

PT English

PT English Herd Prefix: Oakley Mill, Churchlands Estat Membership No. 5619 Herd Letters: X1CH, XK1P Dept. Herd Mark: UK201521 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 1979 Address: Churchlands Appletree Road Chipping Warden Banbury Oxon Postcode: OX17 1LN Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01295 660483 01295 660725 (FAX) Email: philiptenglish@aol.com Performance Recorder ? : Yes

R & D Wynn

R & D Wynn Herd Prefix: Cuttlebrook Membership No. 7389 Dept. Herd Mark: UK283277 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2009 Address: Meadowbrook Farm Moreton Thame Oxfordshire Postcode: OX9 2HY Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01844212116 Email: rdwynn@meadowbrookfarm.co.uk Homepage: www.meadowbrookfarm.co.uk

RP Manning

RP Manning Herd Prefix: Mandalay Membership No. 6274 Herd Letters: XG1L Dept. Herd Mark: UK283371 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 1990 Address: Railway Farm Hook Norton Banbury Oxon Postcode: OX15 5NS Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01608 737373 Email: ray@mandalay07.orangehome.co.uk

T Page

T Page Herd Prefix: Optameg Membership No. 7207 Dept. Herd Mark: UK283210 Membership Type: Youth Year Joined: 2007 Address: Sibford Heath Farm Epwell Banbury Oxfordshire Postcode: OX15 6LN Region: East Midlands Telephone: 01295 780215

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