Scotland: Aberdeenshire

Capital City: Aberdeen
Population: 226 271
Languages: English

Hereford Breeders: 14 

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Breeders in Aberdeenshire

A & W Potter

A & W Potter Herd Prefix: Wellsforest Membership No. 6742 Herd Letters: XZ1E Dept. Herd Mark: UK521209 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2003 Address: Wellsforest Croft Longhaven Peterhead Aberdeenshire Postcode: AB42 7PX Region: Scotland Telephone: 01779 475543 Email:

AH Campbell

AH Campbell Membership No. 1833 Membership Type: Life Year Joined: 1960 Address: Kirkton Kinellar Grampian Postcode: AB5 0SB Region: Scotland

AJ & IM Dunbar

AJ & IM Dunbar Herd Prefix: Greenford Membership No. 6860 Herd Letters: XCB1 Dept. Herd Mark: UK521464 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2004 Address: Greenford Oldmeldrum Aberdeenshire Postcode: AB51 0BH Region: Scotland Telephone: 01651 872040 01651 872069 (FAX) Email: Performance Recorder ? : Yes

AJ Bayliss

AJ Bayliss Herd Prefix: Starburst, Starburst Membership No. 7464 Dept. Herd Mark: UK522142 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2010 Address: Newton of Millfield Farm Turriff Aberdeenshire Postcode: AB53 5UU Region: Scotland Telephone: 01888 544258 Email: Homepage:

DS Cruickshank

DS Cruickshank Herd Prefix: Logie Newton Membership No. 5093 Herd Letters: 1AXK Membership Type: Life Year Joined: 1976 Address: The Lodge Logie Newton Huntly Grampian Postcode: AB5 6BB Region: Scotland Telephone: 01464 814229

GD Poyser

GD Poyser Herd Prefix: Coxon, Double B, Aspen Membership No. 3518 Herd Letters: 1XPG, GDP, 3GKZ Dept. Herd Mark: UK520476 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 1968 Address: Cummerton Farm Pennan New Aberdour Fraserburgh Grampian Postcode: AB43 6JE Region: Scotland Telephone: 01346 561444 01346 561444 (FAX)

I Skea

I Skea Herd Prefix: Bennachie Membership No. 7105 Dept. Herd Mark: UK521609 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2005 Address: 6 McPherson House Mortimers Lane Inverurie Aberdeenshire Postcode: AB51 4PF Region: Scotland Telephone: 01467622518 Email:

J.W. Ravenshear

J.W. Ravenshear Herd Prefix: Evie Membership No. 4424 Herd Letters: 1XJR Membership Type: Life Year Joined: 1973 Address: Heatheryfield Cairnie Huntly, Grampian Postcode: AB5 4UE Region: Scotland

JCH Strachan

JCH Strachan Herd Prefix: Nether Criggie Membership No. 6420 Herd Letters: XN1G Dept. Herd Mark: UK523051 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 1994 Address: Nether Criggie Stonehaven Kincardineshire Postcode: AB39 2XY Region: Scotland Telephone: 01569 767587

MJ Pye

MJ Pye Herd Prefix: Kismet Membership No. 6525 Herd Letters: XR1L Dept. Herd Mark: UK527406 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 1997 Address: Byresfold Croft Premnay Insch Aberdeenshire Postcode: AB52 6QL Region: Scotland Telephone: 01464 820845

MR Mathers

MR Mathers Herd Prefix: Leylodge Membership No. 6700 Herd Letters: XY1J Dept. Herd Mark: UK521620 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2002 Address: Wardes Kintore Inverurie Aberdeenshire Postcode: AB51 0YE Region: Scotland Telephone: 01330 860241

R Hutcheon

R Hutcheon Herd Prefix: Rannoch Membership No. 7183 Dept. Herd Mark: UK527491 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2006 Address: Burnside Croft Lethenty Fyvie Turriff Aberdeenshire Postcode: AB53 8NG Region: Scotland Telephone: 01651 806694

W Hunter

W Hunter Herd Prefix: Foudland, Huntly Membership No. 5024 Herd Letters: WSH, 1HUX Membership Type: Life Year Joined: 1975 Address: Wedderburn Huntly Grampian Postcode: AB5 6AS Region: Scotland

WJ Hunter

WJ Hunter Herd Prefix: Cairnwell, Colpy Membership No. 2027 Herd Letters: 1DXU, KNK Membership Type: Life Year Joined: 1961 Address: West Cairnhill Culsalmond Insch Grampian Postcode: AB5 6UU Region: Scotland

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