Scotland: East Ayrshire

Capital City: Kilmarnock
Population: 120 235
Languages: English

Hereford Breeders: 

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Breeders in East Ayrshire

B, E & B Welsh

B, E & B Welsh Herd Prefix: Roundshaw Membership No. 5277 Herd Letters: LKC Dept. Herd Mark: UK580431 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 1977 Address: Roundshaw Auchinleck Cumnock Strathclyde Postcode: KA18 3JN Region: Scotland Telephone: 01290 421541

M Patterson

M Patterson Herd Prefix: Barony Membership No. 7505 Dept. Herd Mark: UK585466 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2010 Address: Drumfork Farm Auchinleck Cumnock Ayrshire Postcode: KA18 2LT Region: Scotland Performance Recorder ? : Yes

N Patterson

N Patterson Herd Prefix: Bruntwood Membership No. 7517 Dept. Herd Mark: UK585731 Membership Type: Annual Year Joined: 2008 Address: Bruntwood Mains Farm Galston East Ayrshire Postcode: KA4 8NG Region: Scotland Telephone: 01563 820287

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